FUEGO is Guided by These Principles:


Love is the hearth we gather around: We are here because we love our friends, families, our community, the land, ourselves. Our radical organizing comes from love. We’re committed to the preservation of life so we can live to fight another day, united with as many friends as possible. Some of us call that commitment nonviolence. We affirm, celebrate, and respect the dignity of all, even when others don’t, but we’ll stand in the way of supremacist, racist, and systemic violence, which is also the violence we most vocally and viscerally condemn and resist.


Our hearts burn for liberation: We are abolitionists and antiracists because we know oppressions are linked together in exploitation; from mass incarceration to police brutality, from patriarchy to homophobia, from islamophobia to antisemitism, from capitalism to colonialism, from imperialism to white supremacy. We don’t endorse political parties. Anyone from any political party is open to pressure and criticism. Some of us are involved in electoral politics and policy change, others choose to stay out of them. We are all deeply committed to building liberating community power in our homes, organizations, workplaces, and grassroots groups.


Trust is our tinderbox: Compassion and conviction are its flint and stone. We collaborate with kindred spirits, included with people and organizations we don’t always agree with in order meet specific goals. We give trust to receive trust and in this process we embrace differences of opinion, allow ourselves to have healthy disagreement, and even healthy conflict. We believe by embracing this, we build trust, which lets us establish a steady pace. We move at the speed of trust, meaning trusting our emotions and abilities as well as growing trust in our relationships, going deep before we go fast!


Many breaths fan the flames: We are a multitude of identities. We support the need for affinity groups based on different identities to provide safe supportive spaces for specific conversations. We are multiracial, multigender, multilingual because we believe that liberation is collective and that there is no long-term effective organizing without this collaboration.


Our fire warms our whole selves: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, ecological - our warmth is for everyone - we hold ourselves and others accountable.


We feed the fire with persistence and patience: We establish a process in which our actions become part of a rhythm. Organizing a series of events is more effective than organizing one single silo event. We persist together, because we incorporate our actions into a system of collaboration with other groups and coordinate our efforts to generate a larger impact. We are not against working within existing systems to reduce harm and make changes, but our true flame is for transformation to structures that serve life.


Sparks start small and scale up: local forms that fit the scale; can move fast. Every injustice at the large scale is manifested at the local level, and we will bring heat to it. What we deal with at the national or global level, is in our city, our county, in ourselves. We focus locally because we contribute to our community while also addressing a national or global injustice. So that we echo, expand, and strengthen national and global movements. Ultimately, we are part of a global ecosystem.


Play with fire and shadows: We live humorously and live fiercely; be ridiculous and unleash the artists within you. There is an artist within you, let it blossom! When it comes to local organizing, the sky's the limit. Make use of street theater, paintings, music, video, dance, and any other form of art to communicate your message.


Conflict is the heat that changes shapes: transformation, friction, accountability for harm. We are not afraid of conflict, we don’t avoid it, we embrace it. 


The quality of conversation is our smoke signal: curiosity, vulnerability, humility, courage, and truth, unless it puts loved ones at risk (honesty about ourselves); shine the light.