Our Priorities

FUEGO has three priorities at the moment:

  1. Reducing and abolishing mass incarceration

  2. Advocating for workers, immigrants, and refugees' rights and fair working conditions 

  3. Addressing structural racism and white supremacy

Our Strategies

FUEGO fuels existing initiatives and efforts in our region and animates new visions for transformation and collective liberation. We see ourselves as part of an ecosystem where we need both quick action and patient growth. In developing our work, we use a multifaceted system of strategies based on principles of nonviolence, public health, and community mobilization.  

Group Strategies

  • Popular and Political Education
  • Mutual Aid
  • Coalition Building
  • Community Assemblies

System Strategies

  • Changes in policies, practices, and procedures
  • Applying persuasion and dissuasion when is needed
  • Using the physical space to communicate our message
  • Protecting the environment where we live