Members are those who follow FUEGO’s abolitionist and antiracist principles and DNA. Members sustain our work with time and/or resources, and reside in Harrisonburg City and Rockingham County. FUEGO members are the pillars of the People’s Platform, an assembly that takes place twice a year (Spring and Fall) to advance social justice issues in all areas of our lives. Members participate in issue oriented campaigns, grassroots organizing, and can form clusters, or FUEGUITOS (a group of three or more) with the purpose of addressing a local -systemic- injustice. 


Our coordinating team is multilingual, multicultural, multigender, and multi generational. We meet as needed and our role is to accompany, advise, and amplify the work of members, FUEGUITOS, and partner organizations to improve everyone's quality of life. FUEGO operates under the fiscal sponsorship of New Community Project

Paloma Saucedo

Teresa Hinkley


Boris Ozuna
Lead Community Organizer

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Julia Davis
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Jonathan McRay
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