Three steps to stop Middle River Regional Jail expansion


Step # 1

Say no to MRRJ expansion by signing this petition, sponsoring yard signs, adding your organization's name to this public statement, contacting Harrisonburg City Council members or Rockingham County Board of Supervisors, and letting them know that you DO NOT support jail expansion. We know that if they build it, they fill it, so we are not going to continue in this cycle that only increases mass incarceration. Stay engaged and proceed to Step #2 and #3. 

Step # 2

Join and support regional coalition efforts fighting MRRJ expansion plans. All the regional institutions of the criminal justice system need to implement new polices, practices, and procedures that are proven to REDUCE incarceration levels. They are not going to do this by themselves, and that's why we will need strong local -and regional- community efforts to push for significant changes. Step #2 is about increasing our capacity to organize, plan, and execute our action plan. Join a local group fighting MRRJ expansion, volunteer, become a FUEGO memberdonate, and participate in future calls to action. 

Step # 3

Demand we fund community-based programs (Not jail-based programs) that also prevent and reduce incarceration. Our monies are needed to heal our social fabric with community-based programs that provide affordable housing, employment, mental health and substance abuse treatment, among others. It's very important that these moneys are NOT allocated to jail-based programs because that results in additional incarceration levels. You will see a lot of argument in favor of jail-based (or correction-based) programs, DO NOT BUY INTO THEM.  

Are you ready? 

  1. Add your organization's name to this public statement
  2. Sign this petition
  3. Contact your local officials and ask them to say No to Jail Expansion (For the next few months until budgets are approved with NO money for MRRJ expansion)
  4. Volunteer for this cause
  5. Join the conversation here and here
  6. Support FUEGO's work to reduce incarceration
  7. Spread the message: No Jail Expansion, Reduce Incarceration, and Fund Community-Based Programs
  8. Sponsor the yard signs so that we make them free to community members across the region