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  • published Kickstarter Campaign in Support 2021-03-29 12:25:28 -0400

    FUEGO's Kickstarter Campaign Actions

    FUEGO is launching a kickstarter campaign for the next three months. During March, April, and May, we are asking you to support FUEGO by doing one or multiple of the actions listed bellow. 

    1. Become a member:

    Members are the sustainers, our community, our constituents. 

    2. Donate

    The kickstarter fund will guarantee our operational capacity for 12 months. With each $25 donation, you are also sponsoring one new FUEGO member.

    3. Endorse FUEGO

    By endorsing FUEGO you help us build trust in the community. 

    4. Sign up to volunteer:

    By signing up as a volunteer you help us identify your skills and direct you to specific actions or projects.


    "Thank you for bringing the heat to the issues and passing the warmth in solidarity"

    ~ the FUEGO Team


  • published Endorsements in Support 2021-03-25 12:38:21 -0400


    Thank you for your interest in supporting FUEGO Coalition by providing an endorsement. FUEGO depends on organizations and partners like you to build trust in our communities and to be able to mobilize the general public to support FUEGO's issue-oriented campaigns. 

  • published Volunteer with FUEGO in Support 2021-03-24 14:37:14 -0400

    Volunteer with FUEGO

    Thank you for your interests in volunteering with FUEGO. Please indicate your area of interest by clicking one or multiple boxes below and adding a short list of your skills in the comments box. Name, phone, email, and address are required to complete your form

    Sign Up...

    Become a volunteer
  • published Dismantle Systemic Racism in Our Work 2021-03-17 12:16:56 -0400

    Dismantle Systemic Racism

    * This page is under construction

    Please contact Boris Ozuna, at [email protected], for inquiries about FUEGO's work in this area. 

  • published Worker & Immigrant Advocacy in Our Work 2021-03-17 12:12:05 -0400

    Worker & Immigrant Advocacy

    *This page is under construction

    Please contact Boris Ozuna at [email protected] for inquiries about the work FUEGO is doing in this area.

  • published FUEGO In The News in ¡Somos [email protected]! 2021-03-17 11:30:03 -0400



    Seven Groups Oppose MRRJ Expansion



    Immigrant advocacy group sues sheriff’s office over access to documents 



    FUEGO group seeks to thaw ICE’s chilling effect on immigrants in Harrisonburg


    Coalition urges local police to drop ties with federal immigration enforcement


    Residents Talk Immigration, ICE


    Immigration Rights Group Holds Workshop in Harrisonburg


    1on1: Group wants end of local collaboration with ICE


    In crossing the road, ICE causes a stir


    FUEGO Calls For Jail To End Ties With ICE


    FUEGO Coalition to hold a gathering to call for an end to ICE collaboration


  • published Yard Signs in Support 2021-03-03 10:53:31 -0500
  • published Support 2021-02-21 09:27:50 -0500


    Stop MRRJ Expansion:

    By joining this effort, you are contributing to...

    • Stop the MRRJ plans for additional expansion
    • Promote policies, processes, and procedures that REDUCE incarceration
    • Fund community-based programs (Not jail-based)

    Support The People's Platform (TBA):

    The People's Platform is an assembly of local grassroots that takes place twice a year (Spring and Fall) to advance a social justice agenda in the city and county. 

    Start a FUEGUITO:

    A FUEGUITO is a group of three or more individuals committed for a specific project, or as an ongoing community organizing hub. All you need is three people and to follow FUEGO’s principles and DNA.

    Become a Member:

    FUEGO members are the backbone of our work. Add your name and become part of a family that brings the heat to where is needed. 

  • published Our Story in ¡Somos [email protected]! 2021-02-10 12:29:52 -0500

    Our Story

    FUEGO sparked into existence as an effort to melt local collaboration between police, elected officials, and businesses with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E) in Harrisonburg and Rockingham, VA. We continue to do this work, but we also understand that this collaboration is a reflection of broader systems built on greed, oppression, and racism. We expanded our view of emancipation to be a multiracial, multilingual, multigenerational, multi-strategic grassroots organization with the ability to transform and shift deep cultural patterns of oppression.

  • published Start a FUEGUITO in Support 2021-02-03 14:58:47 -0500

    Start a FUEGUITO

    A FUEGUITO is a group of three or more people that commit for a specific length of time, for a specific project, or as an ongoing community organizing hub. All you need is three people, sign up in the form below, and to follow FUEGO’s principles and DNA. 

    How Does It Work?

    If your FUEGUITO has a proposal for addressing an injustice in your city or county, proceed to the following advice model:

    1. Seek advice from those impacted so that they are involved in the process and their needs are understood and represented.
    2. Seek advice from those who have experience with the decision (or issue) and can offer clarity about your decisions and consequences. This might include people outside of your immediate circle or newly formed FUEGUITO. 
    3. Your FUEGUITO can ignore, follow, or integrate the advice. Either way, the decision-maker fully owns the decision. The FUEGO leadership team is here to help, but you are responsible and accountable to your FUEGUITO for leading the process and building trust in your community, across multiple FUEGUITOS, and with other organizations.

    Once you receive advice from your FUEGUITO and other circles indicated above, you should be more prepared to establish a course of action. 

    Tip! The heart of this process is taking advice from those affected and from those who have more closeness to the issue. That way, every decision tries to be as locally rooted as possible. Therefore, the bigger the decision, the more advice needed! Small decisions may not need much advice, but big decisions that affect numerous people could require coalition building. 

    Finally, all FUEGUITOs collaborate and support each other in multiple spaces, and come together to form the People’s Platform every six months.

    Register your FUEGUITO !

    Sign up
  • published Volunteer 2021-02-03 14:19:34 -0500


    By signing up you are volunteering to stop the Middle River Regional Jail expansion and reduce incarceration levels in Harrisonburg, Rockingham, Augusta, Staunton, and Waynesboro. Choose one or multiple items below:

    Become a volunteer
  • published Become a Member in Support 2021-02-03 10:59:58 -0500

    Become a member

    FUEGO Membership

    FUEGO membership dues are $25 per year for each member. These resources help FUEGO to fund ongoing issue-oriented campaigns, workshops, membership orientation trainings, among other projects and activities (Every $25+ donation also sponsors a new member).

    Member Criteria

    1. Follows FUEGO’s principles and DNA.

    2. Sustains our work with volunteer time

    3. Resides in the City of Harrisonburg, Rockingham County and nearby cities/counties. 

    4. Participates in the People’s Platform (TBA) an assembly that takes place twice a year (Spring & Fall) to advance social justice issues in all areas and institutions of our lives.

    5. Joins issue-oriented campaigns and grassroots organizing efforts.

    6. Is able to form or participate in FUEGUITO (S); a group of three or more people committed to work together to address a local systemic injustice. 

    7. Pays yearly membership dues ($25 donation)

    As a FUEGO member, you have the right to participate in member orientation sessions, adding your voice, vote, and skills to FUEGO's issue oriented campaigns, and qualify for leadership roles with FUEGO.

    Sign up to become a member! 

    Sign up
  • published Petition Surpases More than 2000 People in Blog 2021-01-29 12:03:34 -0500

    More than 2000 people are opposing the MRRJ expansion

    FUEGO has joined multiple organizations across the Shenandoah Valley to oppose the Middle River Regional Jail expansion plans. Together we launched a petition that now has more than 2000 signatures. if you would like to support this cause, add your name and invite others to join as well. The petition indicates three important steps that our community is taking to prevent, reduce, and eliminate incarceration levels. Check it out!

    Read more
  • published Ending Mass Incarceration in Our Work 2021-01-28 16:11:39 -0500

    Say No to MRRJ Expansion

    Three steps to stop Middle River Regional Jail expansion


    Step # 1

    Say no to MRRJ expansion by signing this petition, sponsoring yard signs, adding your organization's name to this public statement, contacting Harrisonburg City Council members or Rockingham County Board of Supervisors, and letting them know that you DO NOT support jail expansion. We know that if they build it, they fill it, so we are not going to continue in this cycle that only increases mass incarceration. Stay engaged and proceed to Step #2 and #3. 

    Step # 2

    Join and support regional coalition efforts fighting MRRJ expansion plans. All the regional institutions of the criminal justice system need to implement new polices, practices, and procedures that are proven to REDUCE incarceration levels. They are not going to do this by themselves, and that's why we will need strong local -and regional- community efforts to push for significant changes. Step #2 is about increasing our capacity to organize, plan, and execute our action plan. Join a local group fighting MRRJ expansion, volunteer, become a FUEGO memberdonate, and participate in future calls to action. 

    Step # 3

    Demand we fund community-based programs (Not jail-based programs) that also prevent and reduce incarceration. Our monies are needed to heal our social fabric with community-based programs that provide affordable housing, employment, mental health and substance abuse treatment, among others. It's very important that these moneys are NOT allocated to jail-based programs because that results in additional incarceration levels. You will see a lot of argument in favor of jail-based (or correction-based) programs, DO NOT BUY INTO THEM.  

    Are you ready? 

    1. Add your organization's name to this public statement
    2. Sign this petition
    3. Contact your local officials and ask them to say No to Jail Expansion (For the next few months until budgets are approved with NO money for MRRJ expansion)
    4. Volunteer for this cause
    5. Join the conversation here and here
    6. Support FUEGO's work to reduce incarceration
    7. Spread the message: No Jail Expansion, Reduce Incarceration, and Fund Community-Based Programs
    8. Sponsor the yard signs so that we make them free to community members across the region
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  • published Principles in ¡Somos [email protected]! 2021-01-27 12:17:55 -0500


     FUEGO is Guided by These Principles:


    Love is the hearth we gather around: We are here because we love our friends, families, our community, the land, ourselves. Our radical organizing comes from love. We’re committed to the preservation of life so we can live to fight another day, united with as many friends as possible. Some of us call that commitment nonviolence. We affirm, celebrate, and respect the dignity of all, even when others don’t, but we’ll stand in the way of supremacist, racist, and systemic violence, which is also the violence we most vocally and viscerally condemn and resist.


    Our hearts burn for liberation: We are abolitionists and antiracists because we know oppressions are linked together in exploitation; from mass incarceration to police brutality, from patriarchy to homophobia, from islamophobia to antisemitism, from capitalism to colonialism, from imperialism to white supremacy. We don’t endorse political parties. Anyone from any political party is open to pressure and criticism. Some of us are involved in electoral politics and policy change, others choose to stay out of them. We are all deeply committed to building liberating community power in our homes, organizations, workplaces, and grassroots groups.


    Trust is our tinderbox: Compassion and conviction are its flint and stone. We collaborate with kindred spirits, included with people and organizations we don’t always agree with in order meet specific goals. We give trust to receive trust and in this process we embrace differences of opinion, allow ourselves to have healthy disagreement, and even healthy conflict. We believe by embracing this, we build trust, which lets us establish a steady pace. We move at the speed of trust, meaning trusting our emotions and abilities as well as growing trust in our relationships, going deep before we go fast!


    Many breaths fan the flames: We are a multitude of identities. We support the need for affinity groups based on different identities to provide safe supportive spaces for specific conversations. We are multiracial, multigender, multilingual because we believe that liberation is collective and that there is no long-term effective organizing without this collaboration.


    Our fire warms our whole selves: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, ecological - our warmth is for everyone - we hold ourselves and others accountable.


    We feed the fire with persistence and patience: We establish a process in which our actions become part of a rhythm. Organizing a series of events is more effective than organizing one single silo event. We persist together, because we incorporate our actions into a system of collaboration with other groups and coordinate our efforts to generate a larger impact. We are not against working within existing systems to reduce harm and make changes, but our true flame is for transformation to structures that serve life.


    Sparks start small and scale up: local forms that fit the scale; can move fast. Every injustice at the large scale is manifested at the local level, and we will bring heat to it. What we deal with at the national or global level, is in our city, our county, in ourselves. We focus locally because we contribute to our community while also addressing a national or global injustice. So that we echo, expand, and strengthen national and global movements. Ultimately, we are part of a global ecosystem.


    Play with fire and shadows: We live humorously and live fiercely; be ridiculous and unleash the artists within you. There is an artist within you, let it blossom! When it comes to local organizing, the sky's the limit. Make use of street theater, paintings, music, video, dance, and any other form of art to communicate your message.


    Conflict is the heat that changes shapes: transformation, friction, accountability for harm. We are not afraid of conflict, we don’t avoid it, we embrace it. 


    The quality of conversation is our smoke signal: curiosity, vulnerability, humility, courage, and truth, unless it puts loved ones at risk (honesty about ourselves); shine the light.

  • published Our Work 2021-01-27 12:10:24 -0500

    Our Work

    Our Priorities

    FUEGO has three priorities at the moment:

    1. Reducing and abolishing mass incarceration

    2. Advocating for workers, immigrants, and refugees' rights and fair working conditions 

    3. Addressing structural racism and white supremacy

    Our Strategies

    FUEGO fuels existing initiatives and efforts in our region and animates new visions for transformation and collective liberation. We see ourselves as part of an ecosystem where we need both quick action and patient growth. In developing our work, we use a multifaceted system of strategies based on principles of nonviolence, public health, and community mobilization.  

    Group Strategies

    • Popular and Political Education
    • Mutual Aid
    • Coalition Building
    • Community Assemblies

    System Strategies

    • Changes in policies, practices, and procedures
    • Applying persuasion and dissuasion when is needed
    • Using the physical space to communicate our message
    • Protecting the environment where we live
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